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Sea Sailing in Mumbai is the most popular in today world. Sailing is done on Seabird class sail boat which is one of the most popular boat for cruising in Mumbai. Seabird Sailing boat can accommodate comfortably seat 5 people and 1 skipper. It has an open deck at the front where you can sit and dip your feet in the water. The boat is powered entirely by its 2 sails while cruising. It is the most popular and affordable sailboat to charter in Mumbai.
Sail Boat at Gateway of India is happening now and the best time to sailing is from November to Feb. Best time to sail is Sunset Sailing in Mumbai because the sun is not at peak and the you can enjoy cold breeze with a view of sun getting set while you on the Sailing yacht in Mumbai. 
Sea bird boat are most selling boat at Gateway of India and reasonable price and easy to sail at the speed of 20- 30 nautical mile.

Events we Conduct

  • Sunset sailing in Mumbai
  • Yacht Ride in Mumbai For Couple
  • Yacht for Couple in Mumbai
  • Party yacht in Mumbai
  • Yacht ride at Gateway of India
    Party Ferry Boat in Mumbai

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Do you provide anything to eat on the Sea Sailing in Mumbai?
No. We do not provide any food items. You can carry some finger food, snacks, soft drinks etc. on your own to eat on the boat.

Can I carry alcohol, wine, champagne etc. on the Sail Boat?
No. Alcohol, wine, champagne etc. is strictly not allowed.

How far will we go into the sea when we Sail?
You will go sailing all the way out into the open sea (almost till the tip of South Mumbai). You will not be seen from the shore.

Parking is Available?
Yes, You can park your car at pay and Park near Gateway of India

Can Kids Come on Sailing?
6 year and above are allowed.

Can we Book for Couple Sailing in Mumbai?
Yes, Couple sailing at Gateway of India, Mumbai can be done.

Do you Rent yacht in Mumbai?
Yes, We provide Yacht on Rent in Mumbai, 
Yacht Booking in Mumbai is done here.