How It All Began

It all began with the trek in 2012. A Indian boy man headed to the Himalayas for his soul trek where he fall in love with Mountain. As wanted to start his career in Travel he keep on discovering new new ideas and things for his living

One day he decided to organise a party for the travellers and couple's on valentine day which was successfully conducted and had a huge event and rest it was history

Starting off with one tour in Mumbai have now grown to conduct daily sailing and party on yacht  at gateway of India to conduct in Mumbai.You can experience the sailing with us, sailing through Mumbai Gateway of India. Marvelling at the magnificence of Taj Mahal Hotel and seeing sunset while you on Yacht. On other hand far away from the maddening crowd, you can discover Mumbai Sea and enjoy party,or sit back and relax in equal measure.

A completely different cuisine. Diametrically opposite history. And local culture that is poles apart.
More than 1000 participant and more than 100 event have discovered with us. They loved it. And so will you..